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Hospital Performance

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Wondering why you should choose Bethesda?

Health and safety are of the utmost importance at Bethesda. We’re proud of our many initiatives and accomplishments that continually put the Hospital at the forefront of health and safety practices.

Health and safety performance

Be encouraged.

Bethesda is the only hospital and organisation in WA to be awarded the WorkSafe Plan Platinum Certificate of Achievement, most recently in October 2023, and retain it six consecutive times.

We were also humbled to be awarded the Winner of Category 1, Best Safety Management System at the SafeWork Awards in October 2018.


Continually seeking to improve patient care.

The National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Service (NSQHS) standards were developed to improve quality in health care. Successful accreditation to the NSQHS standards requires a comprehensive assessment, and is key to maintaining a State Government hospital license.

It’s no surprise that our policies, procedures, and processes reflect best practice and are based on the latest evidence available to ensure the best care is delivered all day, every day, and we have maintained NSQHS standards.

Going green

Environmental Sustainability Statement.

Bethesda Health Care commits to being environmentally responsible by conducting business in ways that are good for people and our planet.

Bethesda’s Environmental Sustainability Committee continually aims to improve our environmental performance and considers the impact all decisions may have on the environment.

An unfortunate reality of the healthcare industry is that remaining sterile requires a large amount of single-use plastics. While this use of plastic is non-negotiable at the present time (until sterile alternatives are available), there are ways we can manage the waste responsibly.

Our theatres have made several positive sustainable changes, including the additional recycling of instruments and equipment, the monitoring of Nitrous Oxide gases to ensure there are no leaks in the system and the complete removal of Desflurane (occurred in 2021), a volatile toxic gas, from anaesthetic use.

In conjunction with SUEZ Waste Management, Bethesda engages a Recycled Plastics Program. A ‘Waste Champion’ in each area of the Hospital is responsible for overseeing this initiative in their domains. The positive impact this has within the Hospital, and on the wider community, is encouraging and continues to develop.

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