MORE TESTIMONIALS Great experience from admission to discharge. Outstanding nurses, professional, experienced and kind

Bethesda Health Care Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020

  • Our Mission - To deliver the highest quality healthcare experience for patients.
  • Our Vision - To be the preferred choice for doctors, staff and patients and recognised for the provision of high quality, medium acuity surgical services and palliative care.
  • Our Values - Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence and Professionalism.
Strategic Domain 1 - HERITAGE
Strategic Goals:
  • Remain true to our reason for being, conducting business operations consistent with Bethesda’s Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Make a conscious effort through recruitment and training to ensure a commitment to our Organisational values (from which the core brand value ‘personalised care’ evolved).
  • Strengthen our contribution to Mission, particularly the further investment in our palliative care program and community benefit.
  • Ensure Bethesda’s reputation is preserved and enhanced.
Strategic Domain 2 - COMMUNITY
Strategic Goals:
  • Ensure we have the right staff profile and community spirit amongst those who work and volunteer at Bethesda with high levels of productivity and satisfaction.
  • Strategically partner and collaborate with other providers and the community to meet the changing healthcare requirements of WA’s growing community.
  • Collaborate with all our funders (e.g. Government and private health insurance funds) to create added value to the programs we run and they fund.
  • Create opportunities within our Organisation for teaching, learning and research with a focus on improving care.
Strategic Domain 3 - INDIVIDUALITY
Strategic Goals:
  • Further engage our patients and invest into improving the patient experience, strengthening the coordination of care both at Bethesda and in the community.
  • Continue to partner with our clinicians to further advance safe and high quality care outcomes, in an environment that exceeds patient expectations.
  • Challenge existing paradigms and models of care, seeking new opportunities that are aligned with our Mission and Vision.
  • Establish a reputation of being ‘best in class’^^.
Strategic Domain 4 - INNOVATION
Strategic Goals:
  • Effectively deploy technologies to support the business objectives.
  • Embed activities that result in an agile, responsive and resilient health service that anticipates and responds to need/opportunity.
  • Provide the conditions, culture, environment, and opportunities that improve engagement and enable staff to excel.
  • Deliver asset lifecycle maintenance ^capability to maximise the use of physical infrastructure and plan for future innovative investment.
Strategic Domain 5 - SUSTAINABILITY
Strategic Goals:
  • Build financial strength and long-term viability.
  • Identify and create new sources of revenue and maximise existing sources, building on our foundation for the longer-term success of Bethesda.
  • Create value through effective and efficient commercial partnerships.
  • Ensure accountable governance at all levels with all relevant legislative and audit requirements met consistently.

^ Asset lifecycle maintenance capability will allow Bethesda to determine long-term sustainability and make informed investment decisions, deliver capital expenditure projects to achieve long term asset management plans and execute day-to-day asset care and work management practices to ensure assets are safe, reliable and available.

^^ Best in Class is the highest current performance level in an industry, used as a standard or benchmark to be equalled or exceeded.