MORE TESTIMONIALS Dear Bethesda staff, thank you for taking good care of Mum. I hope you enjoy the chocolates a box for day staff, afternoon staff, night staff and one for the doctors and social worker. Thank you you've all been so kind. Love and best wishes to you all.

Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service (MPaCCS)

MPaCCS is a palliative care service that works with staff and patients in residential care facilities, psychiatric facilities, disability services and other facilities where palliative care may not be the core business.


COVID-19 Terminal Phase Management Plan

Bulletin 8: MPaCCS COVID-19 Response 7 May 2020
Bulletin 7: MPaCCS COVID-19 Response 17 April 2020
Bulletin 6: MPaCCS COVID-19 Response 8 April 2020
Bulletin 5: MPaCCS COVID-19 Response 2 April 2020
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The service is available Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm. Note MPaCCS is not a ‘rapid response’ visiting service, but we will contact the referring source to plan service needs. Please phone the MPaCCS office if the referral is assessed as ‘Urgent’. Referrals are received via fax or email.

Referral Form
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Further Information

Bethesda Health Care’s Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service (MPaCCS) is a mobile specialist palliative care team, focusing on capacity building of the palliative care sector workforce through training, education, assistance and mentoring where there are currently no specialist palliative care consultation services available for residents or patients at the following locations:

  • Mental health and psycho-geriatric facilities;
  • Residential aged care facilities;
  • Residential disability facilities;
  • Correctional facilities;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical service facilities;
  • General practitioners (GPs) and consultants working in the above facilities; and
  • Hospital staff engaged in the discharge planning for patients who will transfer to a facility or institution.
The service operates in a mobile manner and services the north, east and south metropolitan regions. The MPaCCS team seek to work collaboratively with GPs and other health care team professionals to ensure superior levels of patient outcomes.

Useful Links for Residential Aged Care Facility Staff

Caring in the Last Days of Life
Caring in the Last Days of Life” is an MPaCCS publication that helps explain the dying process to patients and families, and offers guidance to healthcare providers and family carers on how to support and comfort individuals approaching death.

Residential Aged Care Palliative Approach Toolkit
The Residential Aged Care Palliative Approach Toolkit project aims to strengthen the capacity of residential aged care staff to deliver high quality, evidence-based care for residents by:
  • Providing training on how to use the PA Toolkit in the day-to-day provision of palliative care.
  • Developing new clinical, educational and management resources for inclusion in, and to support the implementation of, the PA Toolkit.
Care Search - Palliative Care in Residential Aged Care Facility
Useful Booklet on:
  • Dementia: information for carers, families and friends of people with severe and end stage dementia.
  • Affirming life. What is a palliative approach – a guide for family and friends with loved ones in aged care.
Cancer Council WA
Palliative and Supportive Care Education (PaSCE) PaSCE provides workshops and training sessions on all aspects of palliative care for health professionals.

WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network – Improving the Patient Experience
WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network Programs and Resources.

Palliative Care WA
Easy to use information about palliative care and end of life care in WA for the public and for health care providers.