MORE TESTIMONIALS I would like to thank the entire staff that cared for my Dad over the past months. Your reassuring smiles & caring words made this very sad journey a little easier. Your caring was with love and dignity was truly amazing and should be commended. Thank you.

Centre for Nursing Excellence

Bethesda Hospital has a commitment to providing nursing excellence.

Bethesda Hospital has a commitment to providing nursing excellence. We offer opportunities for ongoing education and career development to enable our nursing staff to deliver quality patient outcomes using a collaborative team based decision making framework.
We make available:
  • Competency based programs
  • Support for nursing education internal and external
  • Professional development courses
  • Opportunities for expanded scope of practice
We value our staff by providing education and development programs with support and mentoring. Our courses are accredited through the Royal College of Nursing Accreditation.
Bethesda Hospital’s Mission focuses on providing all our patients with best practice health care in a caring, supportive and safe environment.
This is achieved within a culture of continuous improvement and risk management to ensure the delivery of safe patient centered services.
Through effective quality review our leadership team supported by the Executive and Board of Management oversees a comprehensive program that monitors, assesses and improves the quality of patient care. We ensure that the highest standards are set and achieved. This is demonstrated to our key stakeholders by successful accreditation with The Australian Council for Healthcare Services
Our governance framework encompasses:
  • Clinical review and improvement
  • Adoption of evidence based nursing practice
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Risk management approach
  • A strong consumer / patient focus based on feedback and information provided by our stakeholders

Further Information

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