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Q. Is my information secure?
A. Only very limited information is retained on the secured and encrypted online database.All we store is your payroll number, e-mail address (if you provide when registering online), mobile number (if you provide when registering online), and the PIN you have provided. We DO NOT store your name, address, date of birth or any other personal information on the website servers. This limited information isstored on secured servers, and your mobile, e-mail address, and PIN are fully encrypted. What does this mean..? Put simply there is very limited data available, that is in a secured area, and even if the company storing this information was “hacked”, the detailsare encrypted such that it would not be of any use to anyone.

However, your information is only as secure as you make your PIN & keep it confidential.
If someone does try to guess you’re PIN they only have 4 attempts before the account will lockout for 30 minutes.

Q. How do I re-set my PIN?
A. If you forget your login PIN (assuming you have previously successfully logged in and updated your details), enter your Payroll number on the login screen and click the ‘Forgot PIN ?’ button. This will send you an email (if you provided your mobile number when registering) and SMS (if you provided your mobile number when registering) with a temporary random generated PIN you can use to login.
You will be required to set a new PIN after logging in with the temporary PIN.

Q. How do I update my details (when logging in for the first time)?
A. After successfully logging in for the first time, you will be required to enter a PIN,your email address and mobile phone number. Once entered, click ‘Save Changes’ button to continue.

Q. Why is my Mobile number and E-mail address requested?
A. Your mobile number and e-mail address are used to send you a new PIN number should you forget your PIN. Also, if you have also authorised, they will be usedfor future training and general hospital notifications.

Q. Why doesn’t the due date change when I complete training online?
A. When you complete a course online, if it was highlighted as required once you have completed it, it will be marked as completed however due dates will not be re-calculated until the next day. This is due results being processed on the Bethesda internal systems which are not directly connected to the online training system to maintain security and privacy.

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